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We will continue to work towards innovative solutions to help the ever growing carbon footprint of the world.

Aeroponic Hydroponic and
Cloning Machines
PROJECTS //  Sandia National Laboratories

Indoor farming is a method of growing crops or plants, usually on a large scale, entirely indoors. This method of farming often implements growing methods such as hydroponics and utilizes artificial lights to provide plants with the nutrients and light levels required for growth.

Hydroponic farming is a game-changer in agriculture, primarily due to its remarkable water-saving capabilities and its numerous benefits for the farming industry. In hydroponics, plants are cultivated in a controlled environment, typically without soil, and instead, they receive nutrient-rich water solutions directly to their roots. This method drastically reduces water consumption compared to traditional soil-based farming, where a significant amount of water is lost through runoff and evaporation. Hydroponic systems can recycle and reuse water efficiently, making it possible to grow crops with up to 90% less water. Additionally, the precise control over nutrient delivery ensures optimal growth conditions, resulting in faster growth rates, increased yields, and year-round cultivation, enhancing food production sustainability. Hydroponic farming is especially vital in water-scarce regions and can contribute significantly to global food security while lessening the strain on our precious water resources.

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Over the past four years, we have collaborated closely with Sandia National Laboratory to meticulously assess the effectiveness, placement, and safety of our UV LED disinfection equipment.

This collaborative effort represents a steadfast commitment to ensuring the highest standards of product quality and performance. The laboratory's rigorous testing and analysis have allowed us to validate the efficacy of our UV LED technology in eliminating harmful pathogens while also optimizing the placement of these devices for maximum disinfection coverage.

Moreover, the safety aspect of our equipment has been a paramount focus, ensuring that it meets or exceeds industry standards and poses no harm to users or the environment.

This partnership with Sandia National Laboratory underscores our dedication to providing state-of-the-art disinfection solutions that are not only effective but also trustworthy and safe, bolstering our customers' confidence in our products.

A wide variety of plants can be grown indoors, but fruits, vegetables, and herbs are the most popular.

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